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Smart Dental Assisting Training School Syllabus

10 Week Program


Students will complete a 10 week coarse to become an entry-level Dental Assistant.

Class Sessions:

Each session will be divided into two parts; a classroom session followed by a lab.
Students will choose a lab partner to work with through-out the course.

Course Schedule:

101. The history of dentistry; Role of the Dental Assistant; the Dental Team; Dental Ethics & the Law; Head and & Tooth Terminology and Anatomy.
102. Dental Treatment Specialists; Insurance; Oral Diagnosis & Treatment Planning; Review of Tooth Terminology; Tooth Brushing
103. (Quiz #1) OSHA; Sterilization
104. Equipment and Office Familiarization; Basic Instruments & Handpieces
105. Restorative Materials; Anesthesia
106. (Quiz #2) Study Models; Impressions; Pouring and Trimming Models; Wax Bites; Bleach Trays; Soft Occlusal Guard.
107. Four-Handed Dentistry; Isolation; Rubber Dam.
108. Review of Subject Matter to Date and Mid Term Exam.
109. Fixed Prosthodontics; Cerec; Cements and Cementation. Cosmetic Dentistry.
110. Removable Prosthodontics; Emergencies.
111. Oral Surgery; Implants; Bone graft; Periodontics; Endodontics.
112. Practical Skills Review (All Lab)
113. Review of subject matter to date and quiz #3.
114. Office Management; Patient Scheduling; Dentrix; CPR Certification
115. Foundation of Radiology; Equipment and safety; Digital Imaging; Processing; External radiation, Panoramic and Cone Beam.
116. Internal Radiography; Common Mistakes
117. Radiology Review & Radiology Examination
118. People and Dentistry; Teamwork; Employment Skills & Job Interview Techniques.
119. Final Review and Written Final Exam.
120. Final Practical Exam.


  • A minimum average of 75% is required in order to satisfactory complete the program
  • Final GPA is calculated as below:
    • The average of the 3 general quizzes- 1/3
    • Mid-term- 1/3
    • General final exam- 1/3
    • Lab work is graded as pass/fail
  • Radiology is graded separately and has its own grade.


The student will spend 20 hours in a dental office externship where they will be utilizing the skills learned throughout the course. Students can begin obtaining their externship hours after the midterm examination and must be completed before the last session of the course.


Review Enrollment Agreement.